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The Black Swan of Russian Revolution

The film is based on the diaries of Natalia Alexandrovna Ivanova, a woman descending from a noble Russian family who at the time resided in Petrograd. The diaries describe the events of February-June of 1917. In the film, we want to shed light on this specific period as we are convinced it was then that the stage was set for the empowerment of the Bolsheviks.

Film begins with a quote from a Lebanese–American essayist and scholar Nassim Taleb who introduced the term 'black swan' and proved in his research that when something is happening, nobody ever knows how it will unfold. And then history is to be interpreted in many ways depending on the circumstances.

Then the Host introducing the audience to the events we are talking about. A voiceover will accompany the video chronicles taken from archives.

The narrative is mixed with stylized stagings, the screen version of Natalia’s diaries, that give an eye-witness' account of those days. We observe the tragedy of one family that sees their country and their normal way of life falling out of existence. As dramatic events unfold the characters of the diary decide to leave Petrograd for good.

An important place in the film is given to the comments of specialists on this period of Russian history. They give their opinion whether the Revolution could have ended differently. This is to please the audience that is curious about whether we could have a different history and how different it would be.

At the end, we use the eyewitness' accounts to conclude that the radical armed conflict that the Revolution resulted in had become inevitable as early as by the summer of 1917, whereas the October events were just a consequence. It's not that important who actually came to power, be it Bolsheviks, anarchists or anyone else. It's important that nothing else could happen. Unfortunately, none was thinking about it, and none could have predicted that in May to June. It was in the spring that The Black Swan of the Russian Revolution came; yet none noticed that.

Production date: 2018
Elena Aseeva, Kirill Iarov
Kirill Iarov
Natalia Porfilova
Grigory Butlitsky
Lead actor
Ekaterina Bogomolova
Sergej Kharchenko