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The Tears of Cora Pearl: The Rise and Fall of a Famous Courtesan

Courtesans - this word still has some magic behind it. Who were they? Why and how did these women drive men mad? The film will try to answer some of these questions and to analyze the personality of Cora Pearl (whose real name was Emma Elizabeth Crouch), one of 19-th century Europe's most prominent courtesans. Unlike many of her “colleagues”, she wrote memoirs which paint a vivid picture of life in France during the Second Empire. And our film is mainly based on these memoirs. Emma began her life of prostitution in London but soon settled in Paris, where she adopted the name Cora Pearl. Thanks to her practical mind, Cora managed to make her way in the world of wealthy people. Among her lovers were such wealthy and prominent men as the Duc de Morny, Prince Willem of Orange and Prince Napoleon, the Emperor’s cousin. At the height of her amazing career Cora Pearl had jewels valued at more than a million francs and owned 3 houses in Paris. To share an evening with Cora could cost to admirer about ten thousand francs – today this amount would be about £100,000. Cora’s lifestyle was extremely extravagant. She was the first who brought into fashion intensive make up. It was a challenge to the Parisian higher society. Cora was restless inventor with unexpected escapades. Once at a banquet she shocked the guests appeared lying on a big silver platter completely naked, sprinkled with parsley. This is only a small part of the facts that we plan to use and visualize in our film. We assume a unique and interesting form of narration that will help the viewer in artistic form to feel all the brightness, talent and extravagance of this historical personality, to see through Cora’s eyes the upper class society morals of that time The title of the film includes the name of the cocktail which a French bartender invented in the main protagonist's honor; the cocktail is still on sale at some places in Paris.

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